Shenzhen Mingto Lighting Technology Co., LTD
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              Hello, welcome to Shenzhen Mingto Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. website

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              • Professional customization

                According to customer needs for professional custo...


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                Has passed (SGS) ISO9001 quality management system...


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                Companies complete product categories, a variety o...


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              About Us

              about us

              Shenzhen Mingto Lighting Technology Co., LTD是Is a collection of scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the hi-tech enterprises, the company introduced at home and abroad more advanced production and testing equipment, while Taiwan, the United States and other well-known brands chip production, With the scale, equipment, technology, high starting point of the advantages of quality. The company's product categories are complete, the main products are SMD LED (0402,0603,0805,1206,335,020,3020,3528,2835,5050 equal \ side); various colors complete, (with red; white; pink; The products are widely used in signal indication, electronic display, automotive instrumentation lighting, lighting lighting, mobile phone backlight and LCD energy and other f...

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